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Our Team

The Passion Behind the Business

Bonnie Alcedo


Bonnie Alcedo first started this business many years ago and has been the backbone of Dusty Gold Estate Sales success. With decades of experience in staging, designing, organizing and pricing, she knows exactly how to make a happy shopper and create a successful sale for her clients. She has loved adding her daughter Erryn into the business and is excited for even more success.


Erryn Caran


Since joining what started as her mother's business, Erryn Caran has taken a lead role in DustyGoldEstateSales. Alongside her mother, she executes and signs clients, and is involved in all aspects of the sale....staging, pricing, advertising, and organizing the homes,  while having a great time doing it! Erryn Caran has played a crucial role in the continued success of the business. Her exceptional skill set, true passion and personable demeanor has left customers with a smile on their faces!


Walker Caran

Estate Sale Coordinator

Walker Caran is an essential part of the team, and has been with DustyGoldEstateSales since the very beginning. As our main member of the crew that is hands on with every sale, they’ve worked with and helped countless customers to ensure complete satisfaction.

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Bailey Briggs

Social Media Manager

Since joining DustyGoldEstateSales, Bailey has used her social media skill set to take this business to the next level. By adding social media to their advertising, Dusty Gold is able to have a larger reach and update it's loyal followers on sales to come.

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